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SETVI capacitates marketing teams to exceed expected outcomes by transforming sales content management, control, and optimization.

Sales And Marketing Team Members Working Together To Improve Performance

Centralize Collaboration

Publish, Organize
& Control

Agile Creation
& Delivery

Marketing Impact

Centralize Collaboration &
Analyze Content

Align Sales & Marketing
On One Platform

Consolidate product information, pitches, presentations, price lists, and promotions related to hundreds of brands and thousands of SKUs into a single, searchable content management platform accessible across teams.

Understand What Content
Drives Buyer Action

Identify what content, presentations, and videos high-performing campaigns employ and track how marketing team members, salespeople, prospects, and customers interact with various marketing materials.

Deliver Conversions Consistently

Content analytics is baked into SETVI, bringing actionable insights that help continually improve conversions. Establish best practices based on data to deliver positive returns on content marketing investments.

Consolidated, Searchable Product Information, Price Lists, Pitches, Presentations, Promotions, And Marketing Collateral
Access Control And Permissions Management Console

Publish, Organize
& Control

Transform Content Chaos
Into Content Discovery

Highlight new content, and keep the sales team engaged with newly added collateral and visibility into what materials top-performing colleagues most often employ.

Publish & Refresh Materials Easily

Update essential collateral one at a time, or refresh all resources instantly with one click so that marketing, product, pricing, and promotional content is always current. Refreshed materials show up instantly, ready to be synced by sales reps.

Control Access & Permissions

Role-based permissions allow marketing to control user access so that colleagues are shown only the most relevant, useful content, unless all-access is required. Access control keeps catalogs well-organized, improves user experience, and reduces the likelihood of sending wrong information to prospects and customers.

Agile Content Creation, Delivery & Search

Intuitive Creation Meets Fast Delivery

Combine various content elements from varied sources, create sales templates, or assemble catalogs of product info and promotions designed exclusively for specific targets.

Content creation on SETVI is intuitive; delivering the right materials to the right reps happens at lightspeed. Simply perform an content update from any device; the new materials show up instantly, ready to be synced by sales reps.

AI-Powered Search

SETVI taps into multiple indices in content, product catalogs, categories, titles (and more) so that salespeople have AI-powered search results of content they can select to build campaigns. Great search results mean fewer requests from reps unable to locate suitable materials- and more time for marketing to create dazzling new content.

Content Creation And Distribution File Upload
SETVI Engage Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Demonstrate Marketing Impact
With Data

Get Visibility Into Content Performance With Marketing Analytics

End the guesswork about what content reps use to generate successful actions by prospects and customers. Instead, data-driven insights enable marketing to focus time on creating more of what works to sell. Establish marketing best practices to repeat successful execution steam-wide.

Reinforce Marketing Wins With Automated Or Custom Reports

Keep the C-suite up-to-date with concise weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports delivered straight to their inbox. Send results via automatic dashboard exports, or work with the SETVI team to create custom reports configured to exacting requirements.

Streamline Workflow
With Integrations

CRM Integrations
With Leading Platforms

Microsoft Dynamics

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Android Smartphones & Tablets


Microsoft Outlook

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SETVI CRM Integrations For Salesforce, SugarCRM, HubSpot And Microsoft Dynamics 365
SETVI helped us to consolidate sales and marketing across twenty-two territories with hundreds of reps, each selling dozens of Middleby brands.

We needed a platform that's simple, intuitive, and enables reps to cross-sell all our offerings. SETVI helped us to do that.

Mark Easterday

Executive Vice President
Middleby Brands Sales
We get anecdotal feedback from our sales leaders constantly on how SETVI increases customer and rep engagement.

The proof is clear when I view SETVI analytics. We now consistently generate sales on items that rarely sold before using this platform.

Glenn Harbison

Director of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce
Penn Jersey Paper

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