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SETVI Engage drives sales and marketing excellence with superior customer and prospect campaigns and engagement.

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Engage Prospect
& Customers

Improve Effectiveness


Sell More
Sell Smarter

Engage Prospects
& Customers

Personalize & Target Sales Campaigns

Automatically generate personalized and customized campaigns for specific prospects and customers.
Email-merge pitches person-to-person, or present them
face-to-face or remotely on any device.

Create & Share Dynamic Presentations

The most up-to-date, approved collateral is always at hand-
at home, at the office, on the road or offline. Search, access, and create immersive presentations on any device or browser; combined from different sources, including images, video, presentation decks, and more.

Understand What Content
Drives Buyer Action

Monitor email opens, content views, document downloads, and time spent on various campaign components in real time. Adapt future campaigns based on results, and effectively close the sales and marketing feedback loop.

SETVI Engage Campaign Results Dashbord
Consolidated, Up to Date Sales And Marketing Content Resources

Improve Sales &
Marketing Effectivness

Centralize Collaboration
On A Single Platform

Align sales and marketing on one platform. Facilitate collaboration, optimize communication between teams, and reduce operational complexity and administrative distractions.

Consolidate, Manage & Control Materials

Marketing and brand managers create, organize, centralize, approve and control access to content and updates with ease. Individual reps see only the content they need, based on their role and the brands and products they sell.

Deliver Conversions On Content

Intuitive, agile content creation meets rapid delivery of the right materials to the right people. Measurement of collateral performance is built into the platform, and brings valuable insights that enable teams to continually improve conversions on content.

Boost Productivity
Online & Offline

Self-Service Selling, From Anywhere

Meet customers and prospects and pitch everywhere they are-
in-person, remote, or on dynamic digital platforms, with or without internet access.

Sell From Any Device (Or All Of Them)

Access, search, build and share up-to-date sales, marketing, and product materials seamlessly from any mobile, laptop, desktop, or browser; or across multiple devices and platforms.

Manage Content Updates With 1 Click

Optimize device storage by standard sync of essential materials, or update resources all at once with a full sync to ensure sales, marketing, product and promotional content is always fresh.

SETVI Engage Campaign Results Page Displayed On A Laptop, Desktop, Tablet And Smartphone
Consolidated, Searchable Product Information, Price Lists, Promotions, Manuals, And Sales Materials

Uncover New
Selling Opportunities

Gain Fast Mover Advantage

Stellar buying experiences are a competitive advantage. Exceed expectations with on-the-fly access to content, product info and promotions based on each buyer's needs. Respond to customers without any notice, and move on opportunities at the speed of light.

Identify Cross-Sell & Upsell Potential

Information is power. Reps can immediately react to unexpected inquiries with buyers on the spot. Salespeople can search, access, and present content related to hundreds of brands and thousands of SKUs to increase order value and overall sales

AI-Powered Search

SETVI taps into multiple indices in content, product catalogs, categories, titles (and more) so that reps retrieve AI-powered search results on materials they can use to build campaigns.

Sell Smarter Using
Data-Driven Insights

Sales Analytics

Employ usage analytics to onboard, train, and coach sales teams effectively. Identify content and campaigns used by top reps, and track how all salespeople view and share content.

Marketing Analytics

End the guesswork about what content reps use to generate successful actions by prospects and customers. Instead, data-driven insights enable marketing to focus time on creating more of what works to sell.

Usage Analytics

Employ usage analytics to onboard, train, coach sales teams effectively. Identify the content used in high-performing campaigns, and track how all salespeople view and share content. Establish best practices based on data to help the whole sales team consistently hit and surpass quotas.

SETVI Engage Sales Analytics Dashboard
SETVI CRM Integrations For Salesforce, SugarCRM, HubSpot And Microsoft Dynamics 365

Streamline Workflow
With Integrations

CRM Integrations
With Leading Platforms

Microsoft Dynamics

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Android Smartphones & Tablets


Microsoft Outlook

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SETVI helped us to consolidate sales and marketing across twenty-two territories with hundreds of reps, each selling dozens of Middleby brands.

We needed a platform that's simple, intuitive, and enables reps to cross-sell all our offerings. SETVI helped us to do that.

Mark Easterday

Executive Vice President
Middleby Brands Sales
We get anecdotal feedback from our sales leaders constantly on how SETVI increases customer and rep engagement.

The proof is clear when I view SETVI analytics. We now consistently generate sales on items that rarely sold before using this platform.

Glenn Harbison

Director of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce
Penn Jersey Paper

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Founded in 2014, SETVI is a technology company that creates industry cloud solutions designed to assure sales excellence for companies in manufacturing and distribution industries.

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