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SETVI Enable

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SETVI Engage

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Optimize Quoting Pipeline Visibility

SETVI Enable

Central, Single Source Of Accurate Data

Get new sales reps on a fast track to success with access to a wealth of customized training materials. Product, brand, marketing, and customer content are centralized and packaged to make learning easy.

Modernize Onboarding & Sales Team Training

New and veteran salespeople access the most up-to-date training documents and videos to keep their product, brand, and promotion knowledge fresh. Promote training at all levels to encourage each member of the sales team to improve skills continuously.

Standardize Sales Strategy & Processes

Ensure every rep completes the onboarding process and obtains the training needed to sell effectively. Track and monitor team member engagement with onboarding and training collateral to address gaps in knowledge proactively.

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SETVI Engage

SETVI Engage Campaign Results Page Displayed On A Laptop, Desktop, Tablet And Smartphone
Superior Sales Campaigns & Customer Engagement

Access a custom results dashboard with a dedicated user interface for each sales rep. Performance meetings become brief and efficient- ensuring each sales team member spends time selling effectively.

Uncover New Sales Opportunities

Uncover a proven selling formula that solidifies customer relationships and closes deals with codified tools, processes, knowledge, measurement, and sales cycle forecasting.

AI-Fueled Sales Proven To Drive More Revenue

Track top sales talent to identify the content, habits, and methods used by deal-winning performers. Establish data-driven best practices to repeat successful executions team-wide and help all salespeople consistently hit and surpass sales targets.

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SETVI Engage Campaign Results Page Displayed On A Laptop, Desktop, Tablet And Smartphone
Consolidated, Searchable Product Information, Price Lists, Promotions, Manuals, And Sales Materials


Consolidated, Searchable Product Information, Price Lists, Promotions, Manuals, And Sales Materials
Protect Profit Margins With Automatic Price & Quote Approvals

Satisfy customers with guaranteed quote accuracy while assuring profit margins with customer quotes based on definable margins configurable in SETVI Quote's pricing rules.

Create preset pricing rules and approvals to ensure an error-free workflow that systematically moves proposals to quotes, to customer acceptance, to order processing.

Get Full Visibility Into The Quoting Pipeline

Obtain up-to-the-minute views into exactly where quotes are in your pipeline, on the aggregate, or drilldown to account, customer, or sales representative levels of data. Keep track of what quotes have converted into orders to have real-time visibility into sales revenue.

Uncover Hidden Sales Opportunities

Set product rules to define what items are compatible for upselling, cross-selling, and bundling specific to each customer's business type. Intelligent quotes are based on specific buyer needs, requirements, historical quote data and approved pricing.

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Optimize Rep & Revenue Performance

SETVI Engage Sales Analytics Dashboard
Increase Close Rates

Identify top performers, and their best campaigns and actions to help inform more effective sales strategies. Follow essential indicators to anticipate time to close and progress to quota.

Forecast & Shorten Sales Cycles

Use engagement and activity analytics of sellers and buyers to more accurately forecast sales cycles. Anticipate and address the tempo of activity with campaigns that activate customers and prospects with the right info and offers, delivered at the optimal time.

Reach & Surpass Sales Quotas

Train and inspire every team member to apply proven win strategies and tactics that drive responses and results with real-life buyers, raising the level of achievement for all reps.

SETVI Engage Sales Analytics Dashboard
Individual Sales Rep Results Report

Data-Driven Insights

Individual Sales Rep Results Report
Automated & Custom Reports

Keep the C-suite well-informed with concise weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports delivered straight to their inbox. Send results via automatic dashboard exports, or set up custom reports configured to exacting requirements.

Reinforce Accountability With Data

Propel sales team motivation with an easy-to-understand data dashboard so that each rep understands what actions are required to hit individual targets and group goals.

Streamline Workflow With Integrations

SETVI CRM Integrations For Salesforce, SugarCRM, HubSpot And Microsoft Dynamics 365
Leading ERP, PIM & CRM Platforms

Akeneo PIM
Sales Layer

Mobile Native Apps

iOS iPhone & iPad
Android Smartphones & Tablets


Microsoft Outlook

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SETVI CRM Integrations For Salesforce, SugarCRM, HubSpot And Microsoft Dynamics 365
SETVI helped us to consolidate sales and marketing across twenty-two territories with hundreds of reps, each selling dozens of Middleby brands.

We needed a platform that's simple, intuitive, and enables reps to cross-sell all our offerings. SETVI helped us to do that.

Mark Easterday

Executive Vice President
Middleby Brands Sales
We get anecdotal feedback from our sales leaders constantly on how SETVI increases customer and rep engagement.

The proof is clear when I view SETVI analytics. We now consistently generate sales on items that rarely sold before using this platform.

Glenn Harbison

Director of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce
Penn Jersey Paper

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